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  • Classical Guitar FAQ
  • A1.1 What distinguishes a classical guitar and a classical guitarist?
  • A1.2 I want to start playing the guitar and to buy one. Which guitar
  • A1.3 How do I start to learn (teacher or book)?
  • A1.4 Where can I find a teacher?
  • A1.5 What are the "good" books?
  • A 1.7 What a good sample of classical guitar CD's that someone who doesn't know much about them could listen to?
  • A 1.8 Where can I find music, strings, and other accessories for classical guitar?
  • A 1.10 How do I tune my guitar?
  • A 1.11 Where can I find classical guitar music (TAB and notation) on the net?
  • A 2.1 What are the best strings for me?
  • A 2.2 How do I take care of my nails?
  • A 2.3 How can I prevent my nails from breaking?
  • A 2.4 Can I repair a partially broken nail?
  • A 2.5 How can I quickly memorize a piece?
  • A 2.6 How much should I practice (Also: My fingers hurt!)?
  • A 2.7 How do I avoid RSI, carpel tunnel syndrome, etc?
  • A 2.8 You know that piece in the the advert for ... , what is it?
  • A 2.9 I'm taking my guitar on an aeroplane, to the antartic, then to the Saraha desert, and then to the moon. How do I protect it?
  • A 2.10 Who are the composers and performers for the classical guitar?
  • A 2.11 What is the difference between flamenco guitar and classical guitar?
  • A 2.12 Can anyone recommend some flamenco music to listen to?
  • A 2.13 How can I learn to sight read? (by John Rice, jrice@fa.intel.com)

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