Most of you who would visit here would already know that Roger passed away this last summer ('95). What some of you may not know is about some of the things he was preparing prior to this. A few of them, if not all, are out on the market. Amber fans especially may want to note one of the following.

There are 6 things I am aware of that have been published since Roger's passing: The first of which is a collection of stories entitled Warriors of Blood and Dream which he edited and wrote the introduction for, alas there is no story from him appearing therein. The second of which I was made aware is Fantastic Alice a collection of stories from modern fantasy authors of Wonderland. Edited by Margaret Weis the story by Roger that appears is entitled "Epithalamium". Two of these I encountered on the same day. They would be Forever After and Wheel of Fortune. By the flip of the coin I have read the latter of these so far and was pleased with the result. Wheel was edited by Roger and contains the second to last Amber short story entitled "Blue Horse, Dancing Mountains". Forever After: the idea was created by Roger and all the preludes to the authors who participated were written by him. Jane Lindskold, another fine author, and one of the participants in this collection, it seems was also instrumental in putting the finishing touches for the publication. Jane, on the off chance you read this, please mail me I would very much like to talk to you.

Castle Fantastic edited by John DeChanice and Martin Greenberg contains the last known published Amber Short Story, "Hall of Mirrors". And although more information of the fifth item follows, this story would be the sixth in publication/release dates.

The fifth project would be a computergame >Chronomaster. I haven't finsihed the game, and the link URLs I have for it aren't working at this moment so I'll leave them off for now.

Okay, so there it is, but you are confused. I mention the second and third and final Amber short story and not the first. Well this was written and published while Roger was still part of this Shadow. The story "The Salesman's Tale" to my knowledge was only printed in Amberzine, Issue #6 by Phage Press. I hope that some time in the future it will be reprinted in some collection more available to the general public. Until then, use the above link to find out how to contact them.

One last thing, although it isn't exactly Roger Zelazny who did it, Theodore Krulik wrote a book entitled The Complete Amber Sourcebook which takes all the people and places and gives a brief synopsis and evaluation of them.

Here are some links that I have found to other Roger Zelazny resources on the Web!

  1. Here's the one I've been waiting to find for many moons. In Memorium of Roger Zelazny written and posted by his good friend George R. R. Martin on 14 June 1995.

  2. An opinions page about the Amber novels, not very much in the way of reviews or information.

  3. A short biblio of works, a link to Amber timeline and an Amber parody. The timeline was a bit strange (as things of Amber tend to be) and was very speculative in places. Didn't read the parody.

  4. Extremely non-comprehensive listing of works. More commentary on Amber but at least this has some substance and isn't awful.

  5. List of reviews by SF authros. RZ's Lord of Light and Flare coloboration. Not yet done in html (no text link).
    [I leave this here without specific files so that when they are ready I can more easily adjust for it. Thanks for your patience.]

  6. A more complete works list with polling... author of list can't verify some of the titles.

  7. Somewaht detailed and comprehensive listing of works. Applauds!

  8. Same list as above, just an ftp link.

  9. A good link... reviews of some older RZ for newer readers... far from comprehensive, but it isn't suposed to be.

  10. Not very large an entry but this essay-like entry discusses Roger Zelazny and Steven Brust in very broad terms.

  11. This is a copy (reprinted without permission) of the Obituary from the Houston Chronicle.

  12. Here's a fine link to a Roger Zelazny page with all kinds of info!

  13. And yet another link which I haven't been to since I found so I don't recall what's here.

  14. Here are a couple of humorous links based on quotes from two of RZ's works Beginning with the Agnostic's Prayer and Ending with this one from Merlin's Chronicles.

  15. And here's anRZ Interview by Garner Johnson.

I know this list of links is nowhere near complete. If you know of any good links that I may add to this listing please mail me.

My thanks to all of you who visit regularly and have contributed. I have some things that I need to put up here and will attempt to get to as soon as possible. Thanks again to all of you!

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