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          It  was  with  great  sorrow  that we found out about
Roger Zelazny's death. It happened just before we were going to
press,  so  we  thought it appropriate to delay so we could in-
clude something. Following is the announcement George R.R. Mar-
tin   posted  on  GEnie's  SF  Roundtable  and  crossposted  in
rec.arts.sf.written. To give us more time to prepare it, Garner
Johnson  will be reprinting the interview he conducted with Ze-
lazny that originally appeared in PUP #1, March 1994 with a new
preface in the next issue.
"I have been asked to post the sad news that Roger Ze- lazny died in St. Vincent's Hospital in Santa Fe early this af- ternoon, of liver failure brought on by colon/rectal cancer. Jane Lindskold, his beloved friend and companion of this past year, was with him when he died, along with his son Trent, and several of Roger's friends from the SF community. His other children, his son Devon and his daughter Shannon, had sat with him for much of the night. "Roger had been fighting the disease with chemotherapy since it was first diagnosed, and the tumor had been in remis- sion for a year, but a few months ago his condition worsened. Roger was an intensely private man, and told only family and a few close friends of his illness. He remained hopeful and opti- mistic until the last, and was writing right up until a few days ago, and gaming with Jane and his friends from Santa Fe and Albuquerque. He had recently completed an unfinished novel based on a fragment left by Alfred Bester, had done a CD/ROM game with Jane, and was hard at work on a major new science fiction novel, "Donnerjack," which he was extremely excited about. "Many of us who knew Roger for a long time - myself in- cluded - had never seen him happier or more full of life than he had been during this past year. "Roger had expressed the wish that his friends remember him with a party rather than a religious service, and that is indeed what we plan to do. Fred and Joan Saberhagen have kindly donated their home, and a get-together will be held there in the near future. A date and time have not yet been fixed, but I will post details when I have them for those in the New Mexico area. "For all the rest of the people who loved Roger and his work, we have been talking about organizing a memorial ser- vice/reading/party at one of the major upcoming conventions, most likely the World Fantasy Con in Baltimore. Again, I will post further details when I have them. "Roger was a giant, not only one of the finest writers that the genre has ever seen, but the kindlest, gentlest, sweetest man I have ever been fortunate enough to know. We have lost a good one." George R.R. Martin 14 June 1995 Questions? Comments? Submissions? If so, feel free to write us at: pup@in211.inetnebr.com

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